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Founded in 2007 in South Africa (SA) and 2009 in Mozambique, we offer Market research, Business development and Distribution for companies looking to expand into the Mozambique and Angola market. Aligning with BuleConnect ensures a hassle free market entry into both markets by providing clients with right information and ensuring that they speaking to the right people. BuleConnect connects our clients with key industry players in Mozambique and Angola and ensures that expansion is based on informed market research, to ensure seamless market entry

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Expansion into other markets has always been an important strategy for global market leaders.


Angola is the one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Consumer purchasing power is dramatically increasing beyond just Angola’s capital city of Luanda. Between 2006-2014 it has attracted more than $ 106 billion of foreign capital investment. With the end of the civil war in 2002, Angola is reinventing itself with huge infrastructure developments. Angola is Africa’s second oil producer next to Nigeria.


In 2013 Mozambique grew by 7%, one of the highest growth rates for non-oil producing Sub-Saharan Africa countries for that period. South Africa is Mozambique’s biggest trade partner. According to the New World Wealth, Mozambique is predicted to add dollar millionaires at the fastest rate in Africa over the next ten years.

What makes us different?

As the custodian of business solutions, we constantly look for ways to ensure our partnerships give our clients peace of mind through seamless, efficient and great service. At Bule Connect we recognize that in the fast growing environment, companies are constantly trying to keep abreast with leading trends.

Our leadership has combined their individual expertise and qualifications to ensure our business offerings are professional and relevant.